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Getting started

Project online essentials permit team members to build up quickly, collaborate with each other and manage their tasks effectively.

Time and task management

Easily manage all of your time and task obligations—enter hours, add hurly burly things and assign tasks to alternative team members—all in one intuitive kind.

Manage Tasks

With online essentials, team members will report the progress of tasks, add new tasks, assign themselves to exist tasks and assign their tasks to some other person on the team.

Virtually anyplace access

Use your favorite browser—Internet person, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more—to access Project online essentials on your laptop, tablet, or phone.


Project online essentials permit team members to look at timesheets, enter hours, add or take away tasks from timesheets and switch in timesheets.

Add problems and Risks

Project online essentials permit team members to feature data regarding project problems and risks. It permits them to link problems and risks to specific tasks on the arrange.

Intuitive collaboration

Team members will store project documents on a central website, read project updates, and more—so everybody will continue identical page. Project online essentials deliver an ideal cooperative atmosphere for team members. they’ll store and work on project documents, read alternative comes across the organization, read updates that are submitted for approval etc.

Cost-effective resolution

Together with Project online Premium or Project Server, Project online essentials offer you simply the correct variety of tools to try to your job at a reasonable value.

Team members will update task standing, share documents, and communicate on comes.  Submit timesheets to capture project and non-project time spent on payroll, invoicing, and alternative business functions.

Access anyplace

With Project online essentials, team members will be productive from nearly any device from nearly anyplace.

Issue and risk mitigation

Easily add problems and risks to specific project tasks to quickly establish and mitigate issues.

Project Management

Project online has inherent customizable templates that’s supported business best practices. These facilitate users to create plans however not begin from scratch. It conjointly has planning options like Gantt charts moreover as prepopulated pulldown menus that alter the project designing method. Multiple timelines show all project activities, as well as tasks and milestones. alternative options embody out-of-the-box reports that may be shared across the organization and viewed across devices, customizable timelines that represent specific knowledge, native mobile apps, and more.

Project Portfolio Management

The project management software system conjointly permits users to optimize their portfolio whereas keeping all concerned on identical page. Integrated tools enable them to model completely different eventualities to see the most effective strategic path. Tools like Power bismuth and surpass give them insights across their portfolios. alternative options embody many shareable inherent reports and standardized processes that helps capture and measure ideas, build business cases and project charters for management review.

Resource Management, Integrated Collaboration, and additional

Project online has integrated tools to manage resource utilization, to spot bottlenecks, forecast resource desires, and lots of additional. The Resource Engagement module permits users to request and lock in resources, are adequately operated. capability heat maps show however resources are used, and conjointly facilitate managers to spot overused or underused resources. alternative options out there are analytics that may compare resources across normal knowledge, reports that facilitate users monitor progress, integrated collaboration solutions like Skype that minimizes switch between apps, and integration with alternative Microsoft product

Target Market

Project online is for project managers, team members, and call manufacturers in businesses of any size that require project and portfolio management software system accessible through the web. it’s ideal for people who take workplace 365 and alternative Microsoft internet applications.

Why Project online

Project online is for firms with a necessity for project and portfolio management that absolutely integrates with alternative workplace product. It comes with Microsoft support, experience and integration with its alternative product for a comprehensive and complete business resolution.